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I Wish I Was Good

Updated: 15.07.2019 — 21:07


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  1. And I wish I wish that we would all unite And I wish I wish I wish I wish [Verse 2 - Logic] I wish for peace in every country I wish for a stress-less life for my mummy I wish that no kid went hungry Cause trust me, if I had enough money I’d fill up every hungry kid’s tummy I wish that money gets abolished.
  2. i wish i was good enough. thats it. i don't wanna be "the best" in something, a priority for anyone. i kinda lost hope that this is a possibility for me. i just wanna be enough. enough pretty, enough nice, enough mentally stable, enough smart. i just don't know how. i don't want anyone to be ashamed of talking to something like me. i don't want.
  3. Check out Wish-I-Was-Good's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired.
  4. Sometimes I wish I looked different, but overall I'm okay with how I look. Being "drop dead gorgeous" seems like too much work and worry, because most people who are are only made that way by way.
  5. Sep 14,  · Yeah I wise. And all of other because we feel jelous of other. All think that we would impress other but attractive is not main thing to have all thing like happy, love, care, share, ect (all feeling's). Having soft heart and good thought people have this all but who want attractive then they will realize it that is not all thing.
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  7. I wish you didn’t hurt me just to toughen me up. I wish you could have shown me that love was unconditional. I wish I didn’t see myself in your resentment for my existence. I wish you could have been my friend in life. I wish I could have hugged you. I wish you could have healed from whatever made you like that. I wished so much for you.
  8. I wish I was good looking! It's just so annoying I wished people where able to just look me in the eye and I could go to parties without worrying how unattractive I am compared to everyone else I hate it I just want to at least be happy with the person I look at in the mirror.
  9. I often wish I could be one of those good looking guys who can just show up somewhere and meet attractive girls without any effort. I see this happen all the time at bars and clubs, and it makes me jealous that I have to do a million approaches just to have a chance and they have women approaching them!

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